MonsterInsights is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate Google Analytics into your website effortlessly. While the free version provides basic analytics, upgrading to MonsterInsights Pro unlocks a wide range of advanced features and capabilities. In this article, we will explore the features of MonsterInsights Pro and discuss its pricing structure.

Key Features of MonsterInsights Pro:

  1. eCommerce Tracking: MonsterInsights Pro provides enhanced eCommerce tracking, allowing you to monitor important metrics such as revenue, conversion rates, and average order value. This feature is invaluable for online businesses looking to optimize their sales and marketing strategies.
  2. Custom Dimensions: With MonsterInsights Pro, you can create custom dimensions and track additional data points that are specific to your website. This feature gives you the flexibility to collect and analyze data that is relevant to your unique business goals.
  3. Form Conversion Tracking: Track form submissions on your website with ease using MonsterInsights Pro. This feature enables you to measure the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts and optimize your forms for better conversions.
  4. Google Optimize Integration: By integrating MonsterInsights Pro with Google Optimize, you can perform A/B tests to experiment with different website variations and determine which ones yield the best results. This helps you make data-driven decisions to improve your website’s performance and user experience.
  5. Page Insights: MonsterInsights Pro offers detailed page-level analytics, allowing you to understand how individual pages on your website are performing. This information helps you identify high-performing pages, optimize underperforming ones, and make data-backed decisions for content creation and site improvements.

Pricing Structure:

MonsterInsights offers three pricing plans to accommodate different business needs:

  1. Plus Plan: The Plus Plan costs $99.50 per year and provides access to all the Plus features for use on one website. This plan is suitable for small businesses and individuals looking to enhance their website analytics capabilities.
  2. Pro Plan: Priced at $199.50 per year, the Pro Plan includes all the features of the Plus Plan and allows you to use MonsterInsights Pro on up to five websites. This plan is ideal for businesses with multiple online properties or agencies managing multiple client websites.
  3. Agency Plan: The Agency Plan is the most comprehensive option, priced at $399.50 per year. It offers all the Pro features and can be used on an unlimited number of websites. This plan is perfect for large enterprises, marketing agencies, or developers managing multiple client websites.

Each plan comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction with the product.


Investing in MonsterInsights Pro unlocks a wide array of advanced features and capabilities that can take your website analytics to the next level. Whether you run a small business or manage multiple websites, MonsterInsights Pro offers flexible pricing plans to suit your needs. By leveraging its powerful features, you can gain deeper insights into your website’s performance, optimize your marketing efforts, and make data-driven decisions to grow your online presence effectively.